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Irritrol RD900-INT-R 9-Station Rain Dial Indoor Controller

Irritrol RD900-INT-R 9-Station Rain Dial Indoor Controller

$ 156.93 $ 293.00

In addition to the numerous upgrades built into this popular, long-standing controller, the optional CLIMATE LOGIC® Wireless Weather Sensing System makes the Rain Dial-R a "smart" controller on the cutting edge of water management. When governed by Climate Logic, the Rain Dial-R will automatically water more on warm or hot days and less on cooler days. Applying the right amount of water to maintain a healthy landscape, the Rain Dial-R and weather-based Climate Logic Weather System seriously reduce overwatering and its expense.

Key Features

  • Climate Logic ready 
    Automatically reschedules Rain Dial-R watering based on the weather
  • Remote CONTROL ready 
    Compatible with CRR (Contractor Residential Remote) remote series
  • Rainsensor™ ready 
    Sensor bypass switch and terminal for sensor hookup
  • Three independent programs
    Programming flexibility to meet the needs of a wide variety of plant material on the landscape site
  • Three water day choices
    - Any day of the week, skip days or odd/even dates
    - Skip days and odd/even dates have day exclusion option
  • Water Budgeting
    For quick changes to the watering durations of all stations on a program at one time or pre-set a change in water budget for each month.
  • 365-day calendar for Odd/Even date watering
    Meets the odd/even date watering mandates often used for landscape water reductions
  • Water well recovery (delay between stations)
    Option of pump circuit ON or OFF during 
  • Master Valve/Pump Start circuit Assignable per station 
    Stations requiring a booster pump can be supplied while other stations can run on street water pressure
  • Test All Stations program 
    Allows a quick test of all stations from lowest to highest number
  • Clear/erase memory by program 
    Saves time by quickly erasing only the program desired
  • Program stack or overlap option 
    Allows three programs/stations on at once or restricts operations to no overlapping station runs

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